In recent years, Dukes has received numerous endorsements from players, coaches, administrators and supporters alike.


"I think Dukes balls should be used in all cricket in Australia. If I were an administrator working at Cricket Australia, I would be looking firmly at Dukes cricket balls for Test cricket in Australia. I think we've just seen better games of cricket generally. We see the ball moving for longer, we see the spinners in the game, a bit more even contest.”

Ed Cowan - 21 March 2018 - Cricket.com.au


“I love the Dukes because it’s a challenge for the coaches, it’s a challenge for the batsmen and it makes the bowler in the game.”

Jamie Siddons - 21 March 2018 - Cricket.com.au


“We have used Dukes across our school cricket program for the last 5 years. Nobody comes close to Dukes on quality and consistency. We won’t consider using other brands.”

Blair Copelin – Director of Cricket – St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

“…. to the ICC, please make all countries use Dukes balls for all red ball cricket (I’ve said this for 3 yrs).”

Shane Warne – Twitter - 12 September 2018

“I strongly endorse Dukes cricket balls. Along with other QCUSA umpires, we’ve observed first-hand that Dukes balls have benefited Queensland Premier Cricket in the last two seasons. Both batsmen and bowlers are challenged and rewarded. The general quality of cricket has improved, along with the enjoyment of players, umpires and supporters.”

Peter Boland – President - Queensland Cricket Umpires’ and Scorers’ Association Inc


“The Dukes have proven themselves in trials and also in the Regional Under 21 competition on tough Victorian country wickets during some very dry summer months.”

Keith Thompson – Secretary – Victorian Country Cricket League


“...It is a shame they don’t play with that ball [Dukes] all year… I am really happy to keep it… it is better for cricket.”

Andrew Pilgrim – Coach Toombul District Cricket Club – 21 February 2019 – Quest Courier Mail


“I think the Dukes is a better cricket ball at the moment...’’

George Bailey - Daily Telegraph - 11 February 2018


“… the Dukes ball can benefit Australian cricket. “….the Dukes trial for the remainder of the Sheffield Shield season is a good idea.”

Mitchell Johnson – PerthNow - 10 February 2019

Since arriving is Brisbane as Cricket Director at St Joseph’s Nudgee College, I have witnessed 2 seasons of the Dukes cricket balls being used in GPS cricket. I have been extremely impressed at the quality and longevity of the Dukes ball. It stays harder for longer and produces a quality matchup between bat and ball. The Dukes ball is by far a superior product to any other ball on the market. If you want quality, value for money and a contest between batter and bowler, then the Dukes cricket ball is a must.

Tim Lang – Director of Cricket – St Joseph’s Nudgee College


“I’m a massive fan of the Dukes. There’s always something happening with the Dukes. Especially with the wickets getting flatter. It stays harder and it can swing for 80 overs if you work on it.”

Brendan Doggett - 17 March 2018 - The Australian


"I really enjoy it. It stays harder for longer so it keeps the bowlers interested and it swings a little bit more...”

Matthew Renshaw - 10 March 2018 - Cricket.com.au


“I love the Dukes ball — as a swing bowler it has helped me a bit. It provides an even contest too... the Dukes keep giving you something throughout the day.’’

Michael Neser - 19 March 2018 - The Courier Mail

Being involved in club and school cricket in various roles as a player and coach, my view is that Dukes are a better quality ball than other brands. We purchase a variety of Dukes cricket balls for our school program, from higher quality 4 piece balls to lower level 2 piece balls. Each model offers good performance and value for their respective quality and price. The major benefit we experience with Dukes is their longevity. We are able to keep recycling used match balls for training for many weeks as they stay in such good condition.  

Ben Schuhmacher – Director of Cricket – Toowoomba Grammar School

“It is such a relief that it does something conventionally... It is brilliant to have a ball behave the way it is supposed to and see batsmen play and miss for once.’’

Luke Feldman - 21 March 2018 - The Courier Mail


"The Dukes ball, I think, is the most suited ball according to me for Test-match cricket and if there's a situation I would vouch for that to be used all over the world because of the consistency of the ball and how the bowlers are in the game at any stage, even the spinners, because the seam is so hard and upright. And the seamers as well, if the ball is hard you can get that extra pace but if the ball goes so soft in 10-12 overs, then your effort comes down by 20 per cent. I think the quality of the ball has to be maintained, there's no doubt about that. Otherwise you have too many dead sessions in a Test match, which you don't want to see. You want to see exciting cricket and guys working hard for runs, being in the battle all day."

Virat Kohli – Cricinfo - 11 October 2018

“For a start, the Dukes ball is terrific for Test cricket as it keeps the bowlers interested throughout the game.”

Michael Vaughan - 5 August 2018 - The Telegraph


“All positive feedback on the Dukes ball. Holds up well to our dry hard grounds the ball still looks relatively new after our innings.”

Andrew McClymont - Bingara DCA, NSW

"Test cricket with a Dukes ball in England is fantastic. It's very watchable. It's a good contest between bat and ball. I think most people talk about introducing a Dukes to the rest of the world as opposed to the other way around.”

Jos Buttler – Cricinfo - 24 November 2019


“Overall it was a great experience against the Dukes.”

Chris Swan – 12 January 2020 – The Gold Coast Bulletin