What are the key benefits of Dukes cricket balls?

Dukes cricket balls have these beneficial performance attributes.

  • Shape retention – Dukes maintain their shape.
  • Durability – Dukes maintain their condition for a longer time.
  • Swing – Dukes generally keep swinging conventionally for a longer duration.
  • Seam condition – Dukes fully hand stitched seams create structure and strength.
  • Seam closure – Dukes main and quarter seams stay closed.
  • Water proofing – Dukes limit water ingress to maintain playability in damp conditions.
  • Feel on the bat – Dukes maintain a good feel on the bat without softening excessively.

We encourage trialing of any competitor products with equivalent Dukes cricket balls, in similar conditions, and comparing their performance.

Are Dukes cricket balls in Australia the same as used in England or other countries?

All Dukes cricket balls are manufactured using the same raw materials and methods. The only difference is the surface finishes that are applied to the balls destined for different countries. Each surface finish has been developed and tested to suit the general climate and wear and tear conditions of each country. Therefore the finishes applied to Dukes cricket balls in Australia are different to those applied for English conditions, which are also different to those applied for the West Indies, Africa, New Zealand and the Sub-continent.

Where are Dukes cricket balls made?

Dukes is an English brand based in London. The leather and other raw materials used in manufacturing Dukes cricket balls are sourced and processed in the United Kingdom. These materials are then sent abroad for stitching, before the unfinished balls are returned to the London factory for milling, stamping, polishing, final quality checks and packing.

Should we use 4-piece or 2-piece cricket balls?

We are firmly of the view that a hand stitched, 4-piece cricket ball represents the true essence of what a cricket ball should be. 2-piece cricket balls have been produced by manufacturers purely as a cost saving measure.  They are more prone to being misshapen and behaving erratically.

We have a range of strongly performing Dukes 2-piece cricket balls available, but always recommend a 4-piece cricket ball is used where possible.

Dukes business model and values

Unfortunately, the Australian cricket ball market is a tangled web of multi-year supply contracts and ‘sponsorship’ deals which ultimately disadvantage the consumer.

As in all industries, competition between suppliers is essential to ensure innovation, quality and fair pricing for consumers.

Dukes encourage an open cricket ball market, without self serving, anti-competitive sponsorship and contract arrangements. An open market encourages competition, weeds out poor quality products and benefits the cricket community in the long term.

We will not hold clubs, schools or associations to any ongoing obligations to use Dukes cricket balls in future seasons. We are confident that customers will continue using Dukes based on the quality and performance of the product alone.